Thursday, March 17, 2011

slumber party slaughter recap before I go to bed

In a world of decorum and human understanding, it takes balls to throw together a group of nubile young ladies in their nighties (or sometimes in a football jersey and panties, which is even hotter) and force them to combat the evils of a psycho killer hell bent on penetrating their supple flesh. Of course, I place an emphasis on the word "balls", being that we still reside in a patriarchal society where cocks rule the entertainment roost.

Here are several ripe examples that showcase this brave entertainment dynamic at work, assuming you think it's brave to go ahead and admit that babydolls and hacksaws get your primordial juices flowing.

Slumber Party Massacre
Slumber Party Massacre II
Slumber Party Massacre III
Sorority House Massacre
Sorority House Massacre II
The Last Slumber Party

P.S. I'm done. Really I am. I'm going to sleep, and fuck you if you have a problem with that. Nightie nightie nightmare, night dreams for those that night dare.

P.P.S. I'm losing my mind. BLAH!!!


  1. I came here because of that awesome Kristen Stewart GIF. Come to think of it, I'd go like that too if I were the star of 'Twilight'.

  2. @Atroxion
    Yeah, Kristen gives really good GIF for some reason. I guess it's her use of body language.

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