Saturday, October 1, 2011

Upcoming - The 2nd Annual Lazy Baker Halloween Horror Countdown!

Starting in about a week or so, I will begin my 2nd annual "Lazy Baker Halloween Horror Countdown". That's right folks...eleven (count 'em, eleven) full length reviews of horror movies to bring us up to Halloween, the one night of the year where it is mandatory that you consume both candy and beer in copious amounts (although this also applies to Christmas for some of us). So, what will I review? Well, it's a goddamn secret folks. But, to give you a clue, it'll be one new movie, one really old movie, and nine that were made in the 70's or 80's (not that that really narrows it down). I know that seems lopsided, but I grew up watching 70's and 80's horror movies, so I guess I like spewing about those more than others. Alas, I remain stuck in my ways.

This is probably about the point where you begin to think that I'm clever for coming up with the idea of the "lazy baker" (that would be 11 donuts instead of 12 or 13), and wondering why I would apply a donut term that doesn't actually exist to a series of horror movie reviews. Well, it should come as a great surprise that, despite my relentless cleverness, I, in fact, did not conceive of this idea. It is the invention of one Jimmy Pardo, a damn funny comedian and host of the comedy podcast "Never Not Funny". Jimmy once lamented that his "lazy baker" concept never caught on, that he received looks of confusion and annoyance when attempting to order a lazy baker at his local donut shop.

Meanwhile, I refuse to let this concept die, imparting it on others with the hope that it will catch on and become a "thing". After all, a baker's dozen implies to me that the baker has been so busy making so many donuts that he is happy to throw in an extra one for his hungriest customers, where as the lazy baker can't be bothered to fill the minimum order of a dozen. This disparity, to me, is funny. This has nothing to do with movie reviews, but I look at it as a nice round set of ten with a bonus review thrown in for the loyal punters. You know, if you have to explain a joke in such naked detail, it's probably akin to that emperor who didn't wear any clothes, whatever the fuck his name was.


  1. Thomas, I'm woefully behind on reading your blog. I will get caught-up, though. I'm looking forward to the lazy baker!

  2. @John
    Me the same. Shit is gonna get wacky yo!