Thursday, December 2, 2010

upcoming december fun and odds and ends

First of all...thanks for reading! If you've happened upon this blog but are unable to read it, it may be because you don't understand English, in which case your eyes are probably glazing over in semantic confusion. You may be able to run it through some sort of Google translation gizmo on the old computadora, senor. Anyway, I started the blog a shade over six months ago as a dumping ground for my film "writing", and have already cleared almost 9,000 pageviews (albeit a good chunk of those are people looking for naked pictures of Pia Zadora) and 100 reviews/features (as longwinded as I am, that's a lot of fucking words). I'll probably continue to fiddle with the format, but I've decided to include some blocks of themed reviews, as well as "regular" blog posts (like this one). You'll still be able to go directly to any of the reviews (my non-paying bread and butter) by clicking on one of the movie titles on the left hand side. You savvy readers can probably figure that shit out on your own (not that I don't greatly appreciate any and all dummies that happen upon this blog).

So, the first half of December will be PLEDGE HORROR WEEK (well, two weeks)!!! Kicking things off with my review of The Initiation of Sarah, I will be exploring the collegiate lifestyle through dead teenagers and homoerotic hazing rituals. We're fucking talking The Initiation, Blood Sisters, Final Exam, Hell Night, Pledge Night, and, of course, Rush Week, with a cameo by The Dickies (one of the best punk bands EVA). After that, I'm gonna have a "Christmas Slasher Countdown", including the likes of To All a Goodnight, The Dorm That Dripped Blood, Santa's Slay, all building up to a semi-epic review of Silent Night Deadly Night on Christmas day. A whole fucking month of slashers, with maybe some other random shit thrown in (maybe even a review of a "normal" movie). At least that's my tentative plan. If I crash and burn in my stated quest, at least you'll be able to laugh at the failure along the way.

So, again, thanks for reading, and feel free to comment and/or offer suggestions. I'm not nearly as angry/horrible as I come across in a lot of my reviews, so don't be scared. I promise not to bite you through your modem. Any comment is okay (spam excluded, of course), even ones that are random and/or nonsensical. However, if you comment just to call me a dumb asshole, just remember to explain why, otherwise it just looks like you're venting your insecurities over the internet. I will leave you with some choice rants from one of my heroes, Lester Bangs. Remember, a good piece of film or music criticism is really just an interesting/entertaining complaint letter written to the entire world. I think Lester would agree with me. Then again, I don't think dead people give a shit about what some blogger thinks.


  1. I guess I'm a chunk of the people who came here looking for pics of Jenny Wright's hair from Out of Bounds.

    I love homoerotic hazing rituals.

  2. Imagine if Pia had Jenny's hair! Holy shit...

    Wait for PLEDGE NIGHT, which is wall to wall homoerotic hazing.