Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The 3rd Annual Lazy Baker Halloween Horror Countdown!!!

Please join me this month for the third annual Lazy Baker Halloween Horror Countdown!  That's reviews for 11 horror movies that have nothing to do with one another!  The first review will be coming very soon, and you probably have no friggin' idea what movie I'll be reviewing!  If that isn't enough, each review takes us one step closer to Halloween, a day that combines Satan with enamel punishing snacks and pumpkin beer and even more horror movies!  Frankly, it might not be humanly possible to jam more excitement into a month!  

However, excitement can sometimes prove dangerous, so I should warn you; if the excitement of the Lazy Baker Halloween Horror Countdown causes your hair to catch fire or your ass to explode out of the ozone layer, I am in no way responsible.  If you send me a registered letter from a lawyer or a subpoena, I will simply rip it up and set it on fire and then snort the ashes.  So don't bother is all I'm saying.

In full disclosure, I am not clever enough to come up with the concept of the "lazy baker",  No, it was comedian Jimmy Pardo that invented the term, and hopefully it catches on.  Frankly, thirteen donuts is a lot of fucking donuts.  You should be more than happy with 10, and one extra just in case you drop one and it rolls into the sewer or one is stolen by an escaped orangutang.  Anyway, here is audio of the origins of the term from his podcast Never Not Funny:

I will leave you with this to get you in the mood, you big pile of silly you.

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