Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's My Two Year Anniversary!

It was way back in mid-May 2010 that I started this little blog with a gleam in my eyes, a song in my heart, and a beer in my hand.  In a scant two years, I have written a fleet of epic ballads filled with convoluted nonsense, interacted with lovely souls both wonderful and hopeless, and notched approximately 115,000 page views.  In fairness, a good chunk of those views were people looking for sexy pics of Pia Zadora.  So, in summary, I would like to thank everyone who has bothered to read any of my stuff, especially the people who came searching for sexy pictures of Pia Zadora and read some of my stuff instead, and REALLY ESPECIALLY the people who visited and managed to successfully find sexy pictures of Pia Zadora.  Without you, this still would have been possible, but it would've been pointless and boring, much like life.

As an aside, I will soon be changing up the look and the format a bit, so expect all kinds of exciting changes and fresh approaches here at Cinema Gonzo.  If change frightens you, I apologize in advance, but that doesn't mean I won't be ignoring your pleas for tradition.  As my sensei always says, "shit happens and people change".  Anyway, here is the perfect birthday song for today's birthday blog: the theme from the Canadian slasher movie Happy Birthday to Me.  Enjoy. 


  1. Happy blogirthday! May all your days be filled with sexy pictures of Pia Zadora.

  2. @Emily

    Thanks! They already are... ;)

  3. Congratulations! I like the sound of these "exciting changes" But as for these so-called, "fresh approaches," I don't know, man. Sounds dicey. ;)

    I'm curious, what was the song you had in your heart when you started this blog, and what kind of beer did you have in your hand?

    Oh, and people who look for sexy pictures of Pia Zadora are the best! The best!

  4. @Yum

    I was drinking so I don't remember either. Sorry. :(

    YES! All the best people are perverts!