Thursday, August 11, 2011

LET KERMODE DO THE WORK FOR YOU: The Social Network (2010)

Here's my earlier capsule review:

Imagine Zombieland if the zombies were replaced with the internet {just as Adventureland is Zombieland with K-Stew (minus the vampires) instead of the zombies, if you follow}, or a internet-sploitation drama that, incredibly, isn’t shitty (I’m giving the evil eye to the Sandra Bullock/Dennis Miller vehicle The Net as I type that, for the record). As your substitute film professor, I have multiple gold stars to hand out to David Fincher, who somehow manages to make a compelling movie around a legal deposition, considering it’s not even a real trial, and especially considering movies revolving around even real trials are positively coma inducing (Anatomy of a Murder and 12 Angry Men notwithstanding).

I'll just add that the movie was also educationalizing. It taught me all about "Facebook", how it's sorta like Friendster on steroids, and that people use it to socialize with each other over the internetnewebs. Like, you have a page where you write "I ate a rad cheeseburger!", and you post a picture of the cheeseburger, and your friends and family see it and comment on how fantastic everything is. Also, lots of smiley faces. I don't quite get it, but, then again, I was never one for socializing on a common folk level.

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