Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Movies I wanna see: NOCTURNA (1979)

So, why do I wanna see Nocturna? Well, let me put it this way...it's a disco vampire movie. It stars Nai Bonet (she co-wrote it too). Brother Theodore is in it. So are John Carradine (of course) and Yvonne DeCarlo. Oh...Sy fucking Richardson is in the movie. Don't know who Sy Richardson is? I call...bullshit on that.

Did I mention it's a disco vampire movie? If not, let me be clear...a disco vampire. Do they snort some coke or drink some blood? Answer: both. Here's a clip:

Unfortunately, the VHS is incredibly scarce. I reckon that, for the price of what it would cost for an original VHS copy, I could buy a polyester suit, a bag of coke, and some plastic fangs, and enact my own disco vampire movie. Granted, I'm hot garbage on the dance floor, but people don't tend to insult those who wear fangs out in public. Just take Nic Cage from Vampire's Kiss as an example. Look at this picture of him wearing fangs in a club...would you fuck with this guy? Of course not.

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  1. Even though your desire to see Nocturna is probably not as pronounced as my desire to see Nocturna, I find the fact that we both share this misguided desire to be somewhat comforting.