Thursday, April 21, 2011

reviews for movies not on IMDB

So, I'm still futzing around with the design over here. I gave up on the labels thing, and just added to the "features" list on the left. One such feature is what I like to call "Not on IMDB", which means a review for a movie that wasn't listed on IMDB at the time of writing (please e-mail me with a question if this still confounds you). I don't care if the movie is eventually listed. If it gets tagged as "not on IMDB", there it shall stay, because I got there first. As far as I'm concerned, I achieved victory and it's time to move on (the contest being a sad brand of hipsterism dealing with finding things that are ultra obscure).

Here are the "Not on IMDB" reviews so far, and I got a couple more on the horizon (it's a pretty limited genre, as you might imagine, considering what a thorough and cavernous beast Mr. IMDB is).



Notice that the movies begin with either the word "taint" or end with the word "die". Weird. It all seems Freudian somehow. Anyway, here's Girlschool performing a cover of T. Rex's "20th Century Boy" for no reason whatsoever. Oh rocks. That's a reason I guess.


  1. The Taint That Wouldn't Die!

    I've watched that clip from "Tainted Image" a couple of time now, and I must say, I'm intrigued as all get out.

  2. @Yum
    Stay away! That video is the best parts of the movie. Trust me.

    Taint That Wouldn't Die! is a pretty menacing title, but, on reflection, I thought taints were pretty much invincible as a matter of course. Have you ever heard of a taint funeral? I rest my case.

  3. I shall heed your warning, Mr. Duke.

    It's a shame, though. I mean, that cemetery scene is the off the hook in terms of off-kilter creepiness.

    Oh, and Shayne Farris from Vicious Lips left a comment on my Vicious Lips entry.