Saturday, March 5, 2011

Movies I wanna see: STREETWALKIN' (1985)

Now that Melissa Leo has one of those Oscar things, we can look back to her first starring role in Streetwalkin'. The tag line is: "she dropped out of high school this morning...tonight she's a Times Square hooker". That's pretty much all I need to know folks. The tagline vaguely reminds me of the Angel series, another series of sleazy 80's schoolgirl hooker flicks. Also, Antonio Fargas plays a pimp in the movie. You gotta love an actor who absolutely, positively has never played a role that didn't involve hookers and a feather boa.

This was released on VHS in an uncut version and an R-rated version, but the unrated version is pretty scarce it seems, and I'm not interested in no R-rated hackjob. I could miss out on some Melissa Leo nudity, or maybe Antonio cutting some hooker's head off or something. You know, the "good stuff".

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