Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Movies I wanna see: PSYCHO GIRLS (1985)

Watching the trailer, it appears as if Psycho Girls (1985) might be a hidden gem of Canadian camp horror. It most definitely has a rad punk rock theme song, which always bodes well. Can you remember a movie with a punk theme song that wasn't awesome? I rest my case (exhibit A: Return of the Living Dead).

Unfortunately, Psycho Girls has yet to receive a proper home video release. Cannon released it on VHS way back when (in the U.S.), but the tape was heavily cut. There is a bootleg floating around of an uncut Italian TV broadcast, but, alas, it is dubbed in Italian. Maybe if I had big bucks to blow one day, I could buy a copy of both and splice the two together. Or just hope and pray for a DVD release. Some people hope and pray for world peace, but I guess I am not one of those people.


  1. Titles like this are often released in bundle DVD's of 12 or so. I've been lucky to get some of my favourite exploitation titles this way. Good luck, if I see it on my travels I'll let you know.

  2. @Knifed
    Thanks! Yeah, the problem is getting an uncut version in English. Is Knifed in Venice an alternate title for "Giallo a Venezia"? If so, that's sleazy cool.