Saturday, February 12, 2011

Movies I wanna see: any Roller Blade sequel

While we're on the subject of Roller Blade, one of my favoristic movies, there are numerous hard-to-find sequels, none of which I've seen. Here are some clips:


  1. ROLLERGATOR is indeed something else--my cohort the Duke of DVD reviewed it (at his peril!) here: I think it's actually available on Amazon on demand, or at least was! Happy hunting!

  2. I found a VHS of "The Rollerblade Seven" (third in the series after "Roller Blade Warriors" I think) in a junk shop down the road from my house a while back. I was very excited, and wrote a review here:

    It's an absolute brain-melter, and not in a good way. I hear that Scott Shaw re-used the same batch of footage to make two further sequels - an achievement of staggering insanity given that the first one consists of about 50 minutes of raw (very raw) footage stretched out into 90 via multiple repeats and slow motion.

    If nothing else, I'm glad that it exists, and I wish you luck.