Tuesday, January 25, 2011

animated sci-fi blu-ray heads up

Some cocksucker retard (or maybe a boardroom full of them) decided that Heavy Metal, one of the best animated movies ever made (maybe my number#2), needed to be unceremoniously dumped into the marketplace as a "Best Buy exclusive". So, on February 1st, North Americans should be able to head down to their local Best Buy (hopefully Canadians won't be screwed on this) and pick up a copy of this timeless cult classic on blu-ray, assuming the retard clerk can actually find it (whether or not they suck cock is pretty much irrelevant). Oh, and by the way, did I mention that Cheap Trick is on the soundtrack? Is there a better band that has ever existed? I reckon not.

So, you're probably wondering...is there really an animated film that is better than Heavy Metal?!? Well, in my not humble opinion...yes, and that movie would be Rock & Rule. Word on the street (and by street I mean message board) is that the recently released blu-ray of Rock & Rule is out of print. However, it is still available on Amazon. So, you may want to pick it up before some asshat buys up the available copies and resells them for $7000 each on half.com. But, you know, spend your hard earned money however you wish. In fact, even if your parents send you a check every month and you use the money to buy weed instead of blu-rays or dvds, that's fine too. I'm not one to judge. Stoner.

Oh, did I mention that motherfuckin' Cheap Trick is on the soundtrack?!? They have not one but TWO amazing songs in the movie. Some may conclude that I judge the greatness of animated films solely by how many Cheap Trick songs are on the soundtrack. Not quite. I think it's more that Cheap Trick is the boost that sends the movie over the top, the performance enhancing drug that turns a great athlete into a record smashing freak of nature.


  1. I don't think there has ever been a motion picture (or indeed, anything) that could not be improved by the addition of Cheap Trick.

    I've never seen "Rock n' Rule", so... clearly I should pick it up. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. ROCK N' RULE is awesome! My brother and I watched it nonstop as kids--we taped it off Showtime and nearly wore out the VHS! In story, animation, and voice-acting, it's definitely better than the more-revered HEAVY METAL movie, which is no slouch itself. And then, of course, Cheap Trick! To say nothing of Deborah Harry, Lou Reed, and Iggy Pop, also on the soundtrack. Definitely a worthy blu-ray pickup.

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  4. @Ben
    Refer to Vicar's comment for evidence of ROCK N RULE's awesomeness. Thanks for the comments!