Thursday, December 30, 2010

Siskel and Ebert karaoke go!

Here's a clip from Siskel and Ebert where the boys examine the newest technology (circa 1989) in home karaoke machines. They even attempt to out "sing" each other, as competitive as they tend to be. Consider it your moment of zen. Konichiwa!


  1. Wonderful, thanks for posting. I'm sick about how they took down the official At the Movies site with all the old reviews archived after the show was officially off the air. They had a ton of neat stuff in the vein of this.

  2. @Drew
    Somebody is posting a bunch of complete shows on Youtube here:

    When they originally had the AT THE MOVIES site with the Siskel and Ebert reviews, I watched almost all of them. This shit is like crack yo. I should check out the new incarnation of AT THE MOVIES, although I doubt it really competes with the original.